Dr Aaron Goodarzi

Dr Aaron Goodarzi

Radon researcher and science communicator

Dr. Goodarzi is the Canada Research Chair for Radiation Exposure Disease, and is both the Science Communication Lead and Microscopy Lead for the University of Calgary’s Charbonneau Cancer Institute.

He opened his own laboratory at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine in 2011 to advance the understanding of how the radiation emitted by radon impacts our bodies. This is done by studying radon exposure as a function of the urban and rural built environment, how it can be (and is) modified by human behaviour and genetics, as well as the relationship between radon exposure, lung cancer risk and identity (gender, occupation, age, rural versus urban alignment, parental status, and more).

Dr. Goodarzi is also the founder and leader of Evict Radon, a non-profit group and REB-approved transdisciplinary national study aimed at understanding and engineering out radon gas exposure from the Canadian residential environment, as well as reducing the future incidence of radon-induced lung cancer by encouraging citizens to test for radon and share their findings with cancer researchers.