IRMA Workshop– Protocols for radon measurements in workplaces

The International Radon Measurement Association (IRMA) will run a half-day session on measurements in the workplace environment.
Radon measurements in the workplace is part of the risk assessment that employers must do as part of the Health and Safety regulation and it is therefore important to understand how to measure correctly in terms of choice of monitor and the particular environment in question.

UKRA Radon Symposium

This years event will be cover a range of topics relating to radon and for the community working with radon.
Presentations includes contributions from the UK Health and Security Agency (UKSHA) on their new radon maps, updates from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on their push for measurements in schools and the latest research into the health effects from exposure to radon. Presenters will also cover radon in the build environment, namely in energy efficient buildings and also the implications of the new radon maps for house builders in the middle of a development and who are caught between the BR211 guidance and a change of radon potential on site.
Our final group of presentations will touch on larger scale surveys for landlords like housing associations. The practicalities of organising a radon survey for a housing stock, along with the solutions to issues like the rising energy cost, when a radon fan needs to be installed to mitigate for radon above the action level.